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JOHESE Clinical Research situated in Centurion consists of a core group of Physicians who anchor the Clinical studies.

The research staff is a group of dedicated Healthcare Professionals in Centurion that are involved in Clinical Research to improve knowledge, yet remain at the cutting edge of medical advancement. JOHESE provides a platform for these Healthcare Professionals to use their skills and expertise, and remove the burden of administration.

JOHESE Clinical Research is located at Room 103, Midstream Hill Medical Park, Midstream, Centurion, as from 01 August 2015 and at Room 202, Unitas Hospital, Centurion from 01 July 2016.  The locations provide the infrastructure for easy access to Hospital patients and Casualty should the need be. Due to the position of the site, JOHESE have access to a broad base of Medical Specialists who provides the resources and expertise in and around the Midstream / Centurion area.

After being involved in the Clinical Research world, it was discovered that the core need in the Clinical Research is to streamline the administration part of the Clinical Research studies. The aim of this unit is to improve the recruitment of patients, quality of data, expertise available and administrative support throughout the Midstream / Centurion area.

JOHESE would like to involve as many people of Centurion as possible in the Clinical trials.  When a patient is on a clinical trial, they are our priority and we would like to provide them with excellent and friendly help and advice throughout the study.  We would like to help both patients on a Medical aid or not on a Medical aid.  A clinical trial doesn’t cost you anything.  It is free of charge and all expenses to visit the site will be covered once you are accepted on a study.  Patients will also receive medication according to the specific studies protocol.

JOHESE’s philosophy is to deliver quality data, with expert Physicians and Happy patients that can benefit from the research.

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